Dead doctors don’t lie

Dead doctors don’t lie

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Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan



Chapter 1. Science with A Capital “Stock Option!”.

Chapter 2. Supplement for Livestock But Not for Us!

Chapter 3. A Carrot Is Not a Carrot.

Chapter 4. We Cured Diseases in Animals with Nutrition!

Chapter 5. Tje Student Becomes the Teacher.

Chapter 6. Operation Rhino.

Chapter 7. Every Animal and Every Human that Dies of Natural Causes, Dies of a Nutritional Deficiency Disese.

Chapter 8. The Book.

Chapter 9. The Greate Bear Escape.

Chapter 10. The Munchies and Mineral Deficincies.

Chapter 11. Monkey Business.

Chapter 12. 20/20

Chapter 13. The Veterinarian Become a Physicain.

Chapter 14. They Were Treated Like Dogs, But They Got Better!

Chapter 15. The Age Beaters.

Chapter 16. The Killing Fields.

Chapter 17. The Klink-a-Klunk Business.

Chapter 18. On the Road Again.

Chapter 19. Dead Doctors Don’t Lie.

Chapter 20. Air Strikes and Road Kills.

Chapter 21. The Greate American Adventure.

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